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Broadband Q&A - Lit Fiber

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Broadband Q&A

1.) WHEN WILL WE BE ABLE TO SIGN UP FOR SERVICE: As soon as the fiberhood or neighborhood is lit for service and ready to schedule the resident with an install date. It will take 3-8 days from your order date to have service up and running in the home. 811 or Ops will be called to locate and mark their lines. The underground crew will bring your fiberline from the vault to the home and place it on the house in a NID or box. The install tech will come into the house on the day scheduled for the installation. He will pull your fiberline from the NID, connect it to our equipment, help you with the App, conduct speed tests and make sure everything is up and running before he leaves. This process takes approximately 90 - 120 minutes to complete. You or someone 18 years of age or older must be home for this install.

2.) HOW DO WE SIGN UP FOR SERVICE: Anyone who has signed up on our website, attended a meeting, filled out their information or called our office in Seville, will be notified via phone call as soon as the fiberhood or neighborhood is lit and ready to schedule an installation into the resident’s home. For residents who have not signed up, a Direct Sales Representative will be going door to door knocking or dropping off their flyer with information about our services and the resident can call or email the Direct Sales Rep to sign them up.

3.) DO I HAVE TO PAY TO HAVE SERVICE CONNECTED TO MY HOUSE: There is no installation cost to the resident if they are 300 feet or less from the road. If they are 301-900 feet from the road they have an option to pay a one time fee of $199.00 to cover the long drop or sign a 2 year contract for service that would eliminate the $199.00 fee. If the resident is 901 feet or more, the one time fee is $499.00 or they would need to sign a 2 year contract for service that would eliminate the $499.00 fee. It costs Lit Fiber approximately $800.00 for a residential installation 200 feet from the road that we do not pass along to the resident.

4.) DO I HAVE TO PURCHASE ANY EQUIPMENT: At this time our Calix Gigaspire U6X is included in the price of our internet. This includes a modem/router combo that has security and protection for every device running through the internet. The Premium WiFi you receive has an App (MyLitFiber) you download on your phone to monitor all your devices. Parental controls and a guest WiFi password that you can set up so you never have to give out your secured one. You can learn more about the Premium WiFi features at It also enables us to tweak, diagnose and upgrade your router on a regular basis so it is always up to date and current. You do not have to use our equipment, but we highly encourage it so you are getting the best connection and security with our internet. We would bring our modem for free to connect our fiber to your router if you choose to use your own.

If there are additional questions or if any of your residents require additional information, please have them reach out to our customer care team in Seville. They can be reached by dialing 330-366-2008. We can't wait to start lighting subscribers in Litchfield!


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