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Celebrate Township Pride

and get a start to your spring cleaning! 

Spring Clean-Up Days

FRIDAY, June 3rd

8am to 4pm


SATURDAY, June 4th

8am to 3pm

  • Residents may bring scrap metal and large non-hazardous items.

  • Residents may NOT bring hazardous material, paint, tires, batteries, motor oil, or commercial construction debris.

  • ID required. 

Other alternatives for disposal of large items include Rumpke large item pickup

(which you can utilize once per month.

Visit or call 800-828-8171 for details),

Republic Services, Medina County Recycling,

or you can rent a dumpster from several companies, including Rumpke.

The County Collection Center also accepts hazardous items, such as paint, antifreeze, recyclable materials, and items to be shredded.

For more information on what the county accepts, visit:


Spring Clean-Up Days

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